You can get details of my training and experience below. But, first I should tell you a little of my story.

When I was a teenager I used to read many books on topics such as psychology, philosophy, theology, new age and spiritualism.

I am very curious about life, its meaning and why I am born in this earth. One of the big experiences in my life was visiting Australia for a year. I went to several new age festivals where I made friends with very nice spiritual minded people.And one of my friends said to me, ” You have a amazing talent about healing. You will heal many people in the future.” Firstable I didn’t believe what he said , but later I can hear clear voice from my soul.  I needed to learn some more about energy world.

When I got back to Japan, I decided to take courses at a professional healing school in Tokyo. There I learned a lot about energy, the purpose of life, reincarnation, other dimensions, wisdom of the ancients and so on. I learned how to how to connect with higher self and clear out old energy from my system.

I met some wonderful teachers and made beautiful friends there. Also working with others students was very important learning for me.

Then I went to Findhorn where I loved learning about sacred songs, sacred dances, communicating with angles and nature spirits. I also gave many sessions (more details below) and made many friends there.

When I returned to Japan I decided to go more deeply into my healing work and went back to the healing school as an Intern and much enjoyed (and learned a lot) working with the students.

With love & peace



April 2001- September 2002

I completed a series of courses on Energy Healing at the Tokyo branch of the Clearsight school.

The course included clairvoyant seeing: the status and condition of the aura, chakras, grounding chord, connection to Higher Self, and life purpose. Also seeing and removing blocks such as by foreign energy, past lives.

I learned to use Divine Healing to clear the spirit, mind and body of disease, and to help with realigning with life force energy. The course included clearing the aura, chakra balancing, clearing negative energy, healing old traumas, and healing blocks and traumas from past lives. It also included; color healing, archetypal issues, grounding issues, long distance healing.

March 2004 – May 2004

“The Bach Flower Remedies”, basic course at Japan Flower Essence Association.

August 2004

“Karuna Reiki Master”

September 2004

“Reiki Master”

March 2003-April 2005

I completed an Intership at the Tokyo branch of the Clearsight school. This included working with the students on the programmes, checking their energy, clearing the energy in the room and the like.


Findhorn, Scotland

I have spent many months at Findhorn in the last few years. I gave private readings and healings to guests and members of the community. I also organized and participated in various public events. Findhorn has a lovely Nature Sanctuary and I held a number of ‘Zen Flute Meditations’ (including chanting, singing bowls and a friend playing digeridoo). These were very well received.

I also organised some Japanese Cultural Events which included a concert of Japanese music and drama.

Spiritual Event, Tokyo

I have attended may of these spiritual festivals which are held regularly in the main cities of Japan. At these event I rented a booth and gave energy healings, aura readings, Tarot reading and sold spiritual goods.

Private Sessions

I have given many private session in both Japan and abroad (session abroad are usually in English). The session are a mixture of different kinds of readings and different kinds of healing: depending on what the clients needs. A session can include; aura reading, energy healing, grounding, Reiki, sound healing, tarot reading, energy clearing and balancing etc.


I much enjoy sharing healing music at restaurants, pubs, hotels, friends houses and so on. I have conducted my own original music workshop.
I sing healing songs from all over the world (especially Celtic music).
I play several flutes, and Irish fork harp.
I play solo and with other musicians. I can also compose music and write songs.
I enjoy playing music for nature, myself, and other people.